Jiten Plastic is a leading manufacturer of pleated mesh、window screen nets、 shade cloth、plastic filters、agricultural anti-insect nets、knitted cloth and ground covers, with plentiful experience since 1972. We widely adopts PE models that is fully biodegradable and eco-friendly to meet rising demands of green plastic products. Our research and determination focus on developing differentiated-high-valued product. Jiten becomes your most reliable partner who has involved in the very beginning of branded new materials, extrusion, collecting yarn, warping to weaving. Sulzer Ruti weaving machines provide continual mechanical accuracy in order to keep our capacity effectively handle OEM and ODM orders. You’re most welcomed to build up a long-term business relationship with Jiten Plastic Industries Company.

Black Anti Insect Nets

JI TEN PLASTIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. provides a range of Plisse insect mesh (black) services for companies seeking to expand our business in Taiwan and abroad. Our professional environment attracts the highest qualified personnel in our industry. We have built a reputation that all of our associates are proud to represent.
15-BK1000 series,Plisse insect mesh (black)

15-BK1000 series

Plisse insect mesh (black)


Black PP Plisse mesh, Pleated Insect Screen Mesh, Foldable screen netting, Retractable insect screen mesh, invisible screen, Plise, Pileli Sineklik
A. Pleated door mesh width maximum 3.05 meters keep your house taking wildest view.
B. Fold tightly back together after opening the screen. Material requires ratio 1: 1.8 up
( one-meter door requires 1.8 meters mesh)
C. High quality PP Mesh bonded at high temperature evenly-spaced.
D. Eco-friendly product. Straight Latitude yarn and Longitude yarn sealed with high technology heater. No coating with any harmful chemicals or resins.

 Mesh 20x20, 10 different widths.
(1) Width 3.05m entirely no cutting.
(2) 2.1m, 2.3m,2.65m;3 meters one cut at Jiten = 1m+2m、1.2m+1.8m, 1.4m+1.6m、1.5m+1.5m; Length 190±5m/ ctn. W 3.05m material is different from 3m one cut.
(3) Folding 15 ~15.9mm、16~ 17.9 mm、18-20mm with different prices

Features :
A. ROHS Test、Statement of Reach Compliance、UV 1000 hours Test
B. Width up to max. 3.05M high.
C. Long-life service more than 5 years.
D. Packing: Export carton; 2.3m/2.65m/3.05m 150 cartons per model in 20 feet container.

Specification :

Item No. Color Folding Width Length
15-BK1000 series Black

Pleated insect mesh
Total 11 different widths.
2.1m, 2.3 m,2.65 m,3.05m;
* 3 m one cut materials must buy all together. Various combinations :
1 m+2 m、1.2 m+1.8 m, 1.4 m+1.6 m
1.5 m+1.5 m

190±5M/per ctn
15-GY100 series Grey

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